From The Soup Pot

Choice of Veg/chicken/Prawns

Assorted Mushroom Soup
A delicious & hearty soup made from exquisite variety of wild mushrooms

Tom Yom Soup
Spicy prawns soup - Thailand's favorite

Hot & Sour Soup
A great combination of vinegar and chilli sauce with choice of chicken or vegetables

American Sweet Corn Cream Soup
The famous sweet corn soup fussed with American corn

Wonton soup
Clear vegetable stock with stuffed wontons

Burnt Garlic Soup
Choice of veg. or chicken flavored with burnt garlic and chives

Spicy corn & crab soup
Crab meat spiced with American corn & cooked in seafood stock, sautéed with garlic, chillies & cilantro

Lemon Coriander Crab Soup
Shredded crab meat cooked in lemon and coriander broth

Manchow Soup
A combination of vinegar, soya & chilli sauce, chopped vegetables along with chopped green chilli

Chicken Lung-Fung Soup
Chopped chicken, black mushroom, bamboo shoot with light soya & chilli, garnished with eggs floating on top


Shu Mai

Dim Sum


Thai Spring Rolls

Dragon roll

Satay Paneer in Barbeque Sauce

Shanghai Cottage Cheese

Hakka Paneer

Crispy Vegetables with Cashew-nuts

Crispy Congee Vegetables

Golden Fried Baby Corn Mushroom Salt-N-Pepper

Crispy Thread Paneer

Medley of Mushrooms

Exotic Stir-Fried Vegetables
Cubes of broccoli, carrot, baby corn, water chestnut, zucchini, white button mushrooms tossed in butter garlic sauce

Dragon Chicken with Cashew nuts

Burnt Pepper Chicken

Satay Chicken in Barbeque Sauce

Chicken Peri Peri

Chicken in Basil & Chilly

Golden Fried Baby Corn Mushroom Salt-N-Pepper


Chicken Salt-n-pepper

Crispy Chicken Schezwan

Taipei Chicken

Sauté Chicken

Sliced chicken in basil chilly oyster

Shanghai Chicken

Crispy Fried Calamal (Squid)

Prawns Satay with Peanut Sauce

Prawns Burnt Garlic

Prawns in Garlic Basil Chilly

Thai Prawns Lemon Grass

De-Shelled Crab in Chilly Garlic

Calamari in Pepper Garlic

Burmese Grilled Fish *Pomfret, Rawas, Surmai, Basa

Steamed Fish in Chilly Green Garlic Sauce or Light Soya & Chilly
*Pomfret, Rawas, Surmai, Basa

Tiger Prawns Choice of Sauce ...... APS
Hunan, black bean, butter garlic, schezwan pepper, chilli green garlic, hoisin,

King Crabs Choice of Sauce ...... APS
Hunan, black bean, butter garlic, schezwan pepper, chilli green garlic, hoisin,

Lobster Choice of Sauce ...... APS
Hunan, black bean, butter garlic, Schezwan pepper, chilli green garlic, hoisin,
*Pomfret served above 400 gms will be charged As per size


Roasted lamb in Hunan Sauce

Roasted Lamb in Black Pepper Sauce

Diced lamb in Oyster chilly Sauce

Chicken in Peanut Curry with Five Spice
Cubes of chicken cooked in peanut paste, and coconut milk and flavored with aromatic Thaiherbs and spice powder

Stir-Fried Ginger Chicken
Strips of red/yellow bell pepper, ginger and mushrooms

Chicken in Schezwan Pepper Sauce

Shredded Chicken in Hunan Sauce

Chicken in Chilly Green Garlic

Chicken in Black Pepper sauce

Chicken in Burnt Garlic Sauce

Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

Chicken in Thai curry (Red/Green)


* Pomfret, Rawas, Surmai, Prawns, Basa, Lobster ...... APS, Crab ...... APS, Tiger Prawns ...... APS

Choice of Thai Curries and Chinese Sauces Lemon Butter Sauce, Thai Red Curry, Thai Green Curry Black Bean, Butter Garlic Schezwan Pepper, Chilly Green Garlic


Three Treasure Vegetables

Spicy Eggplant in Peanut Curry

Baby corn Mushroom in Coriander Sauce

Tofu Baby corn and Broccoli in Lemon & Chilly Flakes

Baby Potatoes and Vegetables in Chef Special Sauce

Spinach Balls in Hot Garlic Sauce

Paneer in Chilli and Basil

Vegetables in Thai Curry Red or Green

* Pomfret served above 400gm will be charged As Per Size.


Veg , Chicken, Prawns , Mix

Chilli Garlic Corn Rice
Long Grain rice stir-fried with chilies, garlic and corn

Thai Herb Rice
Basmati rice, stir fried with green chilies, coriander leaves, mint, spring onions

Chang Mai Noodles
Noodles, stir fried with onion, garlic and flavored with red curry paste

Sweet & Sour Crisp Noodles
Thin crispy noodles, tossed in sweet and sour sauce and garnished with chopped shallots

Steamed Jasmine Rice
Popular variety of fragrant Thai rice that complements the subtle flavors of the exotic Thai curries.

Korean Noodles
Flat noodles stir-fried with mushrooms & bell peppers, flavored with soya, chilly and vinegar

Hong Kong Rice

Hakka Noodles

Chilly Garlic Noodles

Flat Noodles - Schezwan Style

Fried Rice

Pot Rice

Burnt Garlic Rice

Singapore Fried Rice

Chef's Special Rice Veg, Chicken, Prawns, Mix