A coastal digestive drink, made with coconut milk, kokum fruits, flavored with chilli and garlic

Kokum Masala Ras
A sweet and sour drink, made from kokum fruit, and flavored with cumin seeds powder

A drink made by whipping curds to thin consistency and flavored with green chillies and mint leaves. Commonly known as chaas or butter milk


Tossed Salad
Cubes of peppers, cucumbers, tomato, dressed with Orange vinaigrette

Fresh Garden Salad
Slices of fresh cucumber, tomato, carrot, beetroot served with lemon wedge

Green Beans & Sweet Pepper Salad
Boiled french beans, mix bell peppers, olives, iceberg lettuce & spring onion, garnished with lemon yoghurt dressing

Sprout Salad
Sprout, diced tomato and capsicum tossed with vinaigrette dressing

Spicy Corn, Cherry Tomato & Cucumber Salad
American corn, cherry tomato, cubes of cucumber with fried basil leaves & sun-dried tomatoes, dressed with lemon chilli flakes

Aloo Pudina Raita
Boiled Potatoes mixed with curd & fresh mint

Mix Veg. Raita
Chopped mix vegetables added to the taste of thick beaten curd mixture & flavoredwith roasted cumin powder

Boondi Raita
Fried chick peas roundels (boondi) served with curd

Pomegranate Raita
Pearls of pomegranate, dressed in sweet yoghurt garnished with pomegranate syrup

Pineapple Raita
Cubes of fresh pineapple, dressed with sweet yoghurt & garnished with Rose syrup

Fried Papad
Roasted Papad
Masala Papad


Palak Shorba
Puree of fresh spinach tempered with garlic & cumin seeds

Tamatar Pudina Shorba
Ripe tomato broth, flavored with bay leaves & mint leaves

Murgh Yakhini Shorba
A tasty chicken broth, flavored with whole spices, with a dash of lemon to add to the zest

Paya Yakhini
A soup famous in every home of Hyderabad, made from goat's trotters

Jhinga Zaffrani Shorba
De-veined prawns cooked in its own broth, flavored with saffron & spice


Paneer Kandhari Tikka
Cubes of paneer, stuffed with cashew and chilli paste, marinated in saffron based masala and grilled in tandoor

Paneer Barbeque
Cubes of cottage cheese, stuffed with baby corn & cheese marinated with yoghurt & tangy masala

Paneer Makhmali Roll
Thin slices of cottage cheese, stuffed with chopped baby corn & cheese, marinated with yoghurt in tangy masala

Tandoori Barvan Aloo
Jacket potatoes stuffed with chopped palak, mushroom, chillies, bell pepper, cottage cheese, with spicy masala coating

Subz Navratan Seekh
A crispy seekh with combination of sweet & spicy vegetables, mixed with cottage cheese, threaded on a skewer & broiled

Kurkure Subji Sheekh
A crispy seekh with combination of spinach & cottage cheese flavored by Indian spices coated with corn flakes

Paneer Tikka Dildar
Cubes of cottage cheese, marinated with curd, cream, cheese dil leaves & chopped chillies, grilled in charcoal

Bharvan Dingri
Jackets of Mushroom stuffed with cheese, chopped spinach, chillies, bell pepper in chef's special marinade and charcoal grilled

Supreme of chicken, stuffed with minced chicken meat and cheese, and marinated in chef special marinade; charcoal grilled

Tandoori Murgh (Half)
Half chicken marinated in lime yoghurt gram flavor marinade; cooked in tandoor

Hazzare Kabab
Cubes of tender chicken, marinated in garlic, ginger, chilli and whole spices, in yoghurt based masala

Murgh Cheese Ki Seekh
Minced chicken threaded on a skewer, topped with cheese

Strip of chicken, marinated in red chilli paste yoghurt and mustard oil

Murgh Makhmali Kabab
Cubes of supreme tender, well-marinated in yoghurt, and flavored with cinnamon

Panko Fried Chicken
Panko fried chicken served with Italian potato stack, cherry tomato salad and tangy tomato salsa

Murgh Chop Kabab
Chicken leg marinated with cheese, cream, curd, saffron, mint and cooked under charcoal fire

Murg Narangi Kabab
Chicken breast marinated with paste of roasted onion, coriander, green chilly & mixed with tomato chutney to add the zing taste.

Shikampoor Sheekh
A delicious mini seekh kabab, made with mince meat and flavored with whole spices and herbs

Chingri Sheekh
A combination of chicken & lamb mince well spiced and flavored with ginger, coriander & mint with cheese.

Minced chicken or lamb, threaded on a skewer, topped with cheese, wrapped with chef's special masala roti

Mangalorean Rava fry Pomfret, Surmai, Rawas, Basa.
Choice of fish , spiced with mild Masala, coated with rava and shallow fried

Malwani Fish fry *Pomfret-Surmai, Rawas, *Prawns, Basa.
Choice of fish, coated with special malwani masala dipped in rice flour and deep fried

Masala Fish fry *Pomfret, Surmai, Rawas, *Prawns, Basa.
Choice of fish, cooked with smooth wet red Masala & simmered till dry

Fried Bombay Duck(Bombil)
Marinated in mild spices, rolled in rice flour & deep fried in malwani style

Prawns Puli Munchia
“Mangalorean Speciality” Red whole chillies, cloves, cumin, ginger, garlic ground with tamarind water to smooth paste and prawns cooked till well done

Lobster Golmirch Tandoori ...... APS
Whole lobster marinated in black pepper, flavored masala

Char Grilled Tiger Prawn Lasooni ...... APS
Good-sized prawns, de-veined and marinated in creamy yoghurt marinade and flavored with oven roasted garlic

Crab Tandoori ...... APS
Choose from saffron, mint lalmirch, kalimiri & malai


Surmai Zaffrani
Whole surmai fish, well marinated with creamy yoghurt, flavored with strands of saffron and mildly spiced with fresh red chillies

*Jhinga Tandoori
De-veined prawns, perfectly prepared in choice of masala saffron, mint, lalmirch, kalimiri & malai

Rawas Saloni
Whole Rawas fish, well-marinated with Indian whole spices, and flavored with exotic Indian herb

Pomfret, applied with mint based masala, and cooked under charcoal fire

Jhinga Pyaza Lasooni
Prawns, stuffed with chicken mince & cheese flavored, with Indian spices



A mix-vegetable curry, a luxurious dish – very Hyderabadi

Bhindi Do Pyaza
Crisp stir fried ladyfinger tossed in semi-dry onion-tomato masala and seasoned with Kasoori methi

Subj Miloni Tarkari
All time favorite chef special, spinach base rich curry

Makai Shehjadi
Corn and emerald spinach tossed with fresh spices, ginger and finished with homemade churned butter

Subj Mausami Handi
Mélange of vegetables cooked in tomato and cashew nut gravy

Paneer Aloo Aur Sarso
Cubes of cottage cheese and baby potatoes, cooked in wholesome spices, and flavored with mustard seeds

Awadhi Kofta
Spinach and potato dumpling, cooked in rich tomato gravy

Paneer Khushnuma
Slice of cottage, cheese stuffed with chilli and cashew paste, cooked in mint base gravy

Tadka Palak Paneer
Chopped spinach & cottage cheese, stir fried with ginger, garlic, tempered with whole red Kashmiri chilli

Diwani Handi
A combination of exotic vegetables cooked in spinach, cream & cheese base gravy

Baigan Tomato Bharta
Roasted eggplant, finely chopped & cooked in onion tomato masala with panjabi tadka

Kaju Dhingri Mutter
A delicious combination of mushroom & peas, cooked in brown onion-based gravy, garnished with fried cashew nuts

Bhune Pyaz-ki-Dhingri
Buttons of mushrooms cooked in brown onion paste, wholesome spices, flavored with fresh coriander

Achari Paneer Tikka Masala
A saffron yoghurt base masala of cottage cheese cooked along with tangy gravy

Paneer Kurchan
Cubes of cottage cheese, stir fried with bell pepper, cooked in wholesome spice & fenugreek flavored thick gravy

Dal Maharani
A unique but great combination of red kidney beans and black urad dal, cooked with fresh ginger, green chillies and shallots, flavored with fresh coriander and kasoori methi

Thikri Ki Dal
Masoor lentils, cooked in authentic Hyderabad style

Panchratan Dal
A great combination of five lentils, cooked in North Indian style with whole Garam masala


Brain Masala
A delicious lamb brain made with freshly roasted Garam masala

Kothmir Ka Kheema
Minced meat, stir fried with onion, ginger, garlic and green chillies, flavored with coriander leaves

Nalli Nihari
Meat on marrow bone, cooked in traditional Hyderabadi style

Lamb Chop Rogani
Lamb ribs, cooked with tangy sauce with oriental taste. A taste left behind by the British rulers

Lamb chop Badami
Lamb ribs cooked in creamy almond base brown gravy

Mutton Salli Boti
A popular recipe of Parsi lamb, cooked in brown gravy along with ghee, vinegar, jaggery till tender, garnished with potatoes straws

Lamb Pepper Fry
“A Malyalee specialty “. A dryly prepared lamb with spices and strong flavor of pounded whole pepper

Lamb Sukka
“A Mangalorean specialty”. Cubes of lamb cooked with coarsely ground coconut and whole masala powder and served when completely dry


Mangalorean Chicken curry
A curry paste made with a base of coconut and cooked with “country chicken”. A specialty of Mangalore

Chicken Pepper fry
“A Malyalee specialty “. A dryly prepared chicken with spices and strong flavor of pounded whole pepper

Murgh Rahra
Cubes of chicken, along with minced chicken, cooked in bhuna masala, with addition of hearty dose of Indian masala

Rajasthani Lalmirch Murgh
Cubes of chicken, cooked in authentic Rajasthani red masala

Mirch Ka Murgh
Shredded barbeque chicken, cooked with slit green chilli in makhani gravy (a twist in butter chicken)

Methi Palak Murgh
A wonderful combination of chicken, methi leaves & spinach, cooked till well combined - tempered with whole gravy

Bhuna Pyaz-Ka-Murgh
Cubes of chicken, cooked in brown onion paste, wholesome spice and flavored with fresh mint leaves

Bhatti Ka Murgh
Shredded barbeque chicken, cooked along with chopped spring onion, celery, ginger, garlic, chilli & fresh mint with tangy sauce


Pomfret served above 400 grams will be charged as per size Pomfret Rawas, Surmai, Prawns , Basa , Lobster APS , Crab APS , Tiger prawns APS

Mangalorean fish curry
“A delicacy of Mangalore city”. Made from whole red chilli and wholesome masala and coconuts. Finally tempered with curry leaves and garlic

Goan Green curry
“A staple Diet of Goa”, made from green chillies & fresh coconut with whole Masala freshly ground to smooth paste. Flavored with amsol(dry mango skin)

Telangana Fish curry
Traditional curry with hint of tamarind, pepper, green chilly and coconut

Punjabi Macchi ka Salan
A choice of fish cooked in a rich & spicy tomato gravy and garnished with hard boiled eggs


Dumpukht Biryani
With mutton/chicken, cooked with whole spices, on slow fire till well blended, served with raita. An original invention of Hyderabad

Bhatkali Biryani
Biryani from coastal Karnataka, chicken or lamb or prawns cooked with onion based sauce , flavor of cardamom, cloves & cinnamon used a distinct aroma

Calcutta Biryani
Biryani cooked in broth of chicken or lamb with Indian herbs along with potatoes

Pakkhi Biryani
A delicious combination of chicken & lamb cooked in rich brown gravy flavored with mint & coriander

A delicious aromatic biryani of several assorted vegetables, reflecting the northern influence, served with Raita

Paneer Tikka Hyderabadi Biryani
A saffron yoghurt base masala of cottage cheese cooked in a clay oven along with basmati rice

Royal basmati rice, cooked with minced meat and specially ground Hyderabadi masala

Steamed Basmati Rice
A must with every dish of Hyderabad

Navratan Pulao
Royal basmati rice tossed with fried onions, dry fruits

Mutter Tamatar Ka Pulao
Basmati rice tempered with cumin seed and green peas. Topped with fresh chopped tomato

Birbal Khichdi
A delicious combination of rice & dal, cooked along with pure cow ghee & mix vegetables, tempered with whole Kashmiri chilli, with hearty dose of Asafoetida (Hing)

Lemon Rice
A traditional recipe of rice from Kerela tempered with lime, curry leaves, urad dal & mustard seeds


Raughani Roti
Roti made with cream, milk & ghee. A very special bread of Hyderabad

Rumali Roti
A soft, paper thin roti made with milk & cream

Telangana Fish curry
Traditional curry with hint of tamarind, pepper, green chilly and coconut

Lacchedar Paratha
Layered paratha made with refined wheat flour (maida)

Butter Naan
A bread made special by combining refined wheat flour, milk & butter

Tandoori Roti
A roti made of wheat flour

Stuffed Paratha
A paratha stuffed with mix vegetables and potatoes

Cheese Naan
A naan bread stuffed with cheese

Baby Kulcha
Small Kulchas made in our special recipe A speciality of northern India

Malabari Paratha
An earthy bread made from refined flour

Neer Dosa (4 Pcs.)
A Mangalorean speciality rice pancake