Red Olives

Since 2008

Tasty delights with healthy bites
As our name suggests at Red Olives we believe in serving healthy and tasty food just as olives are full of vital nutrients and taste. They are significantly essential to each and every diet. We at Red olives incorporate this aspect into everything we create, making our food a nutritional and healthy delight.
You may have seen variety of colorful olives ranging from yellow to purple, to green and even red. All those colors and textures are related to how they are processed and cured.
Red Olives, simply because the food we make is processed by our heart.
In the year 2008 our patrons decided to open a multi cuisine restaurant in Powai as there was none. Here you get Thai, Chinese, Italian, Pan Asian, Coastal and Indian cuisines all under one roof with an elaborate collection of world class wines. Warm, inviting ambience with wooden hues privacy curtains and private dining halls which could seat up to 22 people is just an extension of our passionate affair with food.
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